Performance and Lyrics by Vicki Young
Melody: Do Re Mi

Letís start at the very beginning

With pre-K through grade 12.

There are just 10 standards and they span the grades,

Interconnected with good foundations laid.

Foundations laid...

The heart of math as we span the grades

Are the foundations laid...

Standard One is number sense, when students learn to operate.

Standard Two is patterns seek, see functions as they all relate.

Three, geometry today,

Four, we measure every way,

Five, itís probability,

So our contentís now complete,

But thereís more...

Standard Six is problem solve, use words to which we can relate.

Standard Seven, reasoning as our proofs we learn to state.

Eight, learn to communicate,

Nine, connections we must make,

Ten, ideas we represent,

So weíll process what weíve learned

And thatís it!