Something That We Do

Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody: "Something That We Do"

I remember when my teacher said

Iíd know my math facts Ďtil Iím dead,

To problem solve, Iíd use my head;

Math always would ring true.

Iíd follow down each path Iím led,

Use math to earn my daily bread;

Math neednít be a class you dread Ė

Itís something that you do.


Geometry and algebra

Are maths we study to go far.

We use our brains, we do work hard

To see a problem through.

Math challenges, invigorates,

Makes brain cells grow at quicker rates.

Math shouldnít be a class you hate -

Itís something that you do.


Math helps to make our world all that it can be.

With theorems, proofs, and formulas,

Itís there for you to see.

The way it runs our world is what sets this math apart.

It even regulates the very beating of each heart.


Now Barbie says math class is tough,

But dentristry - that majorís rough!

Simple math wonít be enough -

Itís calculus for you.

Before professions can begin,

A passing math grade, you must win.

Math isnít just a class youíre in -

Itís something that you do.


When solving problems, big or small,

If we stumble, we wonít fall.

With math, we always give our all -

Itís something that we do.