Real Math

Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody: "Love Me"

I read a book* the other day - the subject, it was math.

The author had a lot to say - she even put in graphs!

She talked about Americans and problems we all face.

She showed the math we use each day as through our lives we race.


There are projects we like to do - we can't give up on them,

Like fixing up a room - the cost to comprehend.

When cooking, we calculate and measure without end.

So between you and me, see what it will be

When we learn to do REAL MATH.


This author talks about three ways a problem we can solve.

We can work it in our heads or paper we'll involve.

We could use a calculator to work the problem through.

Whatever method that we choose - we must know what to do.



In school we all learn to subtract - to borrow and regroup.

But making change must be exact, the difference to recoup.

We should do this in our heads with coins and bills we count.

We need practice with real math not drill but true amounts.


*Math - Facing an American Phobia by Marilyn Burns