The REAL Y2K Bug

With the dawning of 2000,

We begin a special year.

But its actual, true meaning

To the masses is unclear.


Is this a new beginning?

Or have some jumped the gun?

How can we start the new

When the old one isnít done?


The year 2000 really is

The last old year weíll see

In that era we refer to as

The Twentieth Century.


And what, you may well ask,

Is this millenium we toast?

Weíre near the end of number 2 as

Towards 2001 we coast.


Next New Yearís we can celebrate

And start to really see

The dawn of century twenty-one

And millenium number 3.


What caused this mass confusion?

I think I have a clue.

Itís that same old nagging problem Ė

Itís the math that most canít do.


If ACE starts with year ONE

And December 31 marks its end,

Century ONE ends 12-31-0100

And, thus, begins the trend.


Of all the countries in the world,

We think our countryís best.

But while we fail to understand,

Cubaís passed the test!


While we were celebrating

On this recent New Yearís Eve,

All was quiet in Cuba Ė

Itís NEXT year, they believe.

Original Poem by Vicki Young

Written on January 1, 2000