Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody: "He Thinks He'll Keep Her"

She spends her money, has charge accounts.

She’s paying interest, without a doubt!

When she was just 16, she got a credit card.

She started charging stuff that she could not afford!


She charged some presents, financed a car.

With loans for college, she could go far!

When she was 21, she started her career.

But she was so in debt, her future was unclear.


Now her bills come right on time;

Pay them off or pay a fine;

Compounding interest – she’s resigned;

She’s going bankrupt!

Take those cards and cut them up!

Increasing debt has got to stop!

This way of spending interrupt!

She’s going bankrupt!


He was quite thrifty when they first met.

He saw her beauty – he saw her debt!

When they were 24, she wore her mother’s lace.

They made their sacred vows with smiles upon each face.


But now their bills come every day!

He makes a plan and plans to pay!

She’ll have to learn to spend his way!

They’re going to budget!

Some purchases would now be sold;

Get spending under their control;

Start IRA’s for when they’re old!

They’re going to budget!


The next five years, they work hard to struggle out of debt.

They pay their bills; they save each week; their future now is set!


Now everything is going fine;

Their bills, they always pay on time;

Purchase a house is next in line!

They’re going to make it!

Low interest payments, 15 years;

Pay extra monthly, never fear!

Their budget’s sound, that much is clear!

They’re going to make it now!