Math's Tough

Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody: "Math Suks"

Jimmy Buffet’s got a musical invention

Of how, with math, he never seemed to win.

But, if Jim had only paid just a little more attention

His tapes would not be in the bargain bin...

Let’s start with Jimmy’s music, how math affects a song.

With rhythm, time, and pitch, it’s pretty clear,

His songs could be more pleasing - you’d like to sing along

Instead of putting stoppers in your ears!


Math’s tough! You need the right stuff!

That’s why you have a brain - don’t let it turn to mush!

Math’s tough! Do you try enough?

I think that Jimmy didn’t try that much,

‘Cause math’s tough!


In Jimmy’s song, he mentions watching beauty pageant queens,

And noting how their math skills match his own.

Reminding us of Barbie, that doll that we’ve all seen,

How, through the years, her talents must of grown...

Remember Talking Barbie, she said "Math class is tough!"

But now there’s Dentist Barbie - fabulous!

The math for that profession, for Jim it would be rough.

‘Cause Barbie’s gone straight through to calculus!