Matharena - Quadratic Equations

Performance and lyrics by Vicki Young
Melody:  “Macarena”

How do you solve when you have an x2?

You can find the answers - there should always be a pair!

Move terms to one side and start to factor, if you dare!

Do the matharena!


Before you start to factor, put terms into standard form!

Check for common factors, now youre really getting warm!

If you like to factor, nows your chance - you can perform!

Do the matharena!


After you factor, you find your two solutions:

First change the sign (I don't want to cause confusion!)

Put constant over coefficient (I hope I didn't lose you!)

Do the matharena!


If you want to know if solutions are "pretending",,

Go to the step where your powers were descending.

Find "a, "b", and "c" and soon we will be ending!

Do the matharena!


Take the opposite of "b and then divide it by the "a,

This should be the sum of solutions youve found today,

And the product of solutions is equal to c over a!

Do the matharena!