Matharena - Linear Equations

Performance and lyrics by Vicki Young
Melody:  “Macarena”

We're solving equations; we want to find the answer.

It has to fit just right; that's the number we are after.

At first we'll take our time, but then we'll travel faster!

Do the matharena!


Solving equations, I want to be emphatic!

You must decide: is it linear or quadratic?

Then check your plan - plan to check, while you're at it!

Do the matharena!


What is the plan when x is only first degree?

Clear - that means distribute - and collect like terms you see!

Last (but not least) you must cancel so that x is free!

Do the matharena!


What do you do if certain terms just disappear?

There are 3 cases - we need to make them crystal clear!

One solution, no solution, or any number anywhere!

Do the matharena!


As long as an "x" is left in your equation,

You'll have one solution, you'll find it if you're patient!

That answer will be zero if the number side is vacant!

Do the matharena!


When both sides are zero, your answer's any number.

When only letters drop out, what's left may make you wonder:

The answer's no solution - you no longer have to ponder!

Do the matharena!