Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody: "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"

There are four parts to every line,

You must remember these:

Points, slope, equation, graph,

And keep them separate, please!


With one point here and one point there,

Here a point, there a point, everywhere a point, point.

Graphing lines is like childís play so letís graph some today!


Oblique lines have x and y;

The slope gives rise and run.

Just solve for y to start the graph;

Use slope to make it fun!



A vertical line, like x = 3,

Has slope thatís UNDEFINED.

Plot 3 on the x-axis and draw the graph,

An UP and DOWN line.



y = 5 is a horizontal line;

The slope is ZERO, you see.

Plot 5 on the y-axis and draw the line,

SIDE to SIDE it will be.