Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody: "Sixteen Tons"

There’s a game called “Hog” using probability,

You toss some dice, then see what you see.

Toss as many as you like, then find the sum.

That’ll be your score unless you toss a one!


           You throw 3 or 4 dice and what do you see?

A nice fat total puts you in the lead!

But that “one” is quite random,

You’ll never know…

It could be staring at you on your very next throw!


If you toss a one, your total is shot!

It’ll be a big zero, that’s what you’ve got.

So think about those dice; don’t throw in a fog.

If you lose your score, your name will be “Hog”!



This game is so easy to play without dice.

Random calculated numbers will even suffice.

Use ipart six, random plus one,

Choose your number of throws and start to have somefun!



Now you and your partner are ready to play.

Each one takes 10 turns, the dice fall where they may.

Will you take it slowly, play like a child?

Or toss 6 dice and go Hog wild!!