There is an operation that mystifies us all,

Let's explore some situations - I'll let you make the call.

Suppose we have 12 students and our teacher brings a treat.

There's 24 sweet chocolates that she's going to let us eat.

How can we divide these 24 into equal piles for 12?

Let's try it out and see results and then our hunger quell.

Can you see that in each pile, there are exactly 2?

Let's look at other problems - see if this pattern's true.


24 candies / 12 students = 2 candies per student


Now Mrs. Young - she is so poor - each day she must bring less.

If she only brings a dozen, each pile contains - you guess!


12 candies/12 students = 1 candy per student


We're down to really saving now - the candy, she's brought 6.

Can you see each student's part - she's halved to do the trick!


6 candies/12 students = 1/2 candy per student


The month is quickly ending and Mrs. Young is broke.

Today there's 0 candies - I assure you, it's no joke.

Can you figure out your part if zero's all there is?

I think the answer's easy - a very simple quiz.


0 candies/12 students = 0 candies per student


There's another way to look at this - a different point of view.

Suppose each day there's 24 candies for you to chew.

But another number's dwindling instead of candy squares.

We're losing students daily since, with math, they are so scared!

We go from 12 to 6 one day - we divide the 24.

With only 6 as we divide, each student will get more.


24 candies/6 students = 4 candies per student


Our numbers keep decreasing 'til suddenly there's 3!

With 24 big chocolates, our piles will grow, we'll see.


24 candies/3 students = 8 candies per student


And then an epidemic puts everyone in bed.

The candy will just sit there in an empty room that's dead.

How can these be divided by our 0 kids today?

The answer is: They can't be! "No Solution" we must say.

In math, we have this problem when the answer we can't find.

We throw our hands up in the air and call it "Undefined"!


24 candies/0 students = UNDEFINED