MATH 1010 Math for General Studies


Students are expected to attend every class; however, if a class is missed due to illness, bad weather, etc., please log on to to see the assignments for that class. When Motlow classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, class notes for the missed class will also be available. Students are responsible for checking the website each class day and submitting assignments as directed.

Class Equipment

A graphing calculator such as the TI-84 may be used at any time during the class. This class is a survey of mathematics so the calculator will be used primarily for simple calculations; however, Chapters 11 and 12 will contain problems for which a graphing calculator could be useful. A smart phone or tablet may be used for some class activities; however, when classroom activities are not utilizing these devices, they MUST be turned off and put away. No texting, videoing, or social media use may occur during classtime. A notebook for taking class notes and for keeping returned assignments is strongly encouraged.


Assignments will generally require students to use the Internet to access links associated with assigned material. At times, you will need to print pages to turn in for grading. You should be able to do this on campus in a computer lab or you may access and print at home. Videos can usually be watched using a smart phone. At times, you will be asked to take a screen capture of your completed work at a website and paste the cropped image into a Word document. Your instructor will walk you through this easy process and you should find the activities enjoyable and a good way to relieve test anxiety.


As the schedule shows, there will be 4 tests @ 100 points each. There will be 20 online assignments related to each textbook section and the total grade for these assignments will equal 200 points. The final exam will count 200 points. Grades will be assigned as follows:

A 720-800 points
B 640-719 points
C 560-639 points
D 480-559 points
F below 480 points


The Nature of Mathematics by Karl J. Smith, 13th Edition

Classroom Etiquette

Please be on time to every class.
Please be courteous to your instructor and classmates and keep all distractions to a minimum.