Bye Bye

Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody: "Bye Bye"

We were problem-solving -
Working on an answer that didn’t seem right,
Our steps were not resolving;
We were working ‘til the morning light!
We were writing down every step at the time –
Said we needed some time, just a little more time –
To make up our minds – well, it’s been long enough -
Time is up!

Bye, bye now to trial and error,
To endless calculations with pencil and paper!
I’ve found a new way and I’m never going back!
And that’s a fact!
I’ll take my formulas and data –
Put them into my graphing calculator.
Technology means understanding for me!
A new way brings for math a new day!


I’ve won this game of math
I’ll follow the path
To a brighter day
With a whole new way!