MATH 1010 Spring 2017


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


In class Go over 4.1 and 4.2 Numeration Systems


On your own:

A. Watch the video at

and answer the following 10 questions (using your own paper) as you watch:

1.     The Sumerian system was positional, meaning___________________________

2.     The Sumerian system was handed down to the Babylonians in __________

3.     In 150 AD, Greek astronomer _________________ was the first to accept the concept of zero.

4.     In ______, Indian mathematician Brahmagupta defined the role of zero.

5.     The Arabs adopted the Hindu numerals and computational methods in __________.

6.     Zero and the Hindu symbols were introduced to Europe by the mid-12th century by what group of people?

7.     Zero was not fully accepted by European countries until the ________.

8.     Name 5 ways zero plays a central role in mathematics.

9.     The following mathematicians used zero to develop important mathematical concepts. Given the names, tell what they developed.

Rene Descartes ______________________________

Newton and Leibniz ____________________________

10.                        Name 4 areas where calculus is used.


B. Go to

and under Example Worksheets, print out the first 2 worksheets. Work all 20

problems on each page.


Bring your 10 video answers and 2 completed worksheets to class on Monday, January 23. If you are absent from a class when an assignment is due, you must turn the assignment in before the next class begins to receive credit.