Mathematics - It's Alright

Lyrics and Performance by Vicki Young
Melody:  “I’m Alright”

Youíve never seen so many rules,

In all the days youíve been in school.

But rules are what you have to know

Or else your progress will be slow.

Vocabulary words to learn.

Techniques and skills are great concerns.

But if you study day and night,

Youíll finally see the light.


Mathematics Ė itís alright!

Just learn to appreciate its power and its might.

Arithmetic or geometry Ė

Itís mathematics in the world today

And itís real for you and me.


As this impending test draws near,

Its importance should be clear.

You have to know most everything Ė

Vocabulary and techniques.

But all your studies now will pay.

Youíll live to see another day.

And in the future, in your life,

Youíll find that mathís alright!