Pythagoras was born along, long time ago

In BC 580, back when times were slow.

He moved from Greece to Italy when he was 32.

Heíd gathered lots of followers so he opened up a school.


Pythagoras thought that students, when studying their math,

Would rise to higher levels and pursue a righteous path.

Itís said Pythagoreans knew the earth was round

And Pythagoras took credit for all discoveries found.


Each pupil of Pythagoras wore a five-point star.

Their teacher said to study, with math, they would go far!

Their greatest one discovery, a quite amazing feat,

Was irrational kinds of numbers to make the number line complete.


They liked to study numbers, even - also odd.

The first were female - earthly, the last were male - like God!

It seems the Babylonians had already found the clue

To using right triangles for the tasks they had to do.


But clever old Pythagoras, he stole it clean away,

And the "Pythagorean theorem" is how itís known today.

Pythagoras, you rascal, you were a sexist pig!

But your theoremís sure important to a course thatís known as trig!