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You have discovered my math songs and poems website. I am Vicki Young and I teach at Motlow State Community College in Lynchburg, Tennessee. I have developed this website to share the more than 50 songs and poems I have written over the years. As you go to each poem or song, just remember to use the "back" arrow in the upper left corner to return to the main page or song table. Each song has a "Performance" link so that you can hear how the song goes. I am providing this primarily for you to practice singing the song yourself but you may use the performance in your classroom if you prefer not to sing.

Are you a math teacher who has tried just about everything to motivate your students and get them interested in mathematics? Here's a poem that explains how I got started using songs to teach math:

The Rationale

After attending a workshop in which the speaker suggested that music can provide a viable means of remembering information, I began writing songs to use in the classroom. I have always enjoyed singing and writing poems so these math songs have provided a great outlet for two of my favorite hobbies. My students get used to their crazy singing teacher and sometimes I can even get them to sing along! If you click on the Performance link, you should be able to hear me sing an accapella version of each song.

I'm a Teacher

And now, here is a song teachers can use to motivate their students to study math just for math's sake!

What Can I Gain Just by Studying My Math?

Of course, each song is actually a poem so you can also use them without audio. Most of the melodies should seem familiar because they are based on popular songs. Of course, these melodies are copyrighted and cannot be used to generate any sales revenue. You are welcome to share any of the songs or poems on this site with your students. My students generally get a kick out of them - yours will, too! Have fun! Now, let's get serious with a whole bunch of songs and poems which I have organized in a

song table :

Another hobby of mine has been quilting and you'll find pictures of some of my quilts here. I've also include a page of links to some of my favorite quilting websites. Enjoy!